How to get an AI girlfriend: Create a companion that chats, sends nude selfies and more

Getting an AI girlfriend that’s exactly to your specifications is easier than you think.

Have you tried Kimmy yet?  The girl is a riot. It’s just a tech demo and the code is open source, we link it below.

To get an AI girlfriend, you’ll need to first gather some templates and services:

  • Jailbreaking a large language model (LLM) to act like your perfect companion, whatever that may be
  • Creating a consistent character that is rendered with consistent character techniques
  • Finding an API that can do all those things, with hosted Stable Diffusion

Lucky for us, Graydient has all the top LLMs and SDXL models AND a free trial, so that’s the best way to do it. Do the trial of the PLUS plan because that has the 70-billion parameter LLMs.  You can also use the 8 billion parameter ones on the lower plans, which were the best there were last year, but I find other models to be less witty and humanlike.  Just my 2/cents, it’s worth going big on this one because we won’t have to pay any stupid per-chat or per-image fees like on like 99% of the other AI GF sites.

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Step 1:

The first trick is understanding how the jailbreak works.  Copy the Kimmy example because I’ve done all the hard parts for you. This includes the ability to remember your past conversations and more.  The “kimmy-isms” is supposed to be like a unique ability to your character.  You can change that to something like telling a joke, having an inner voice, making a nervous tick or big hand gestures, or remove it altogether.  You can also include things in your examples like making little physical movements like *pokes you with pen* to make the conversation more entertaining and dynamic. Spice it up.

You don’t have to use this one, there are tons of these all over the web.

This is just one example.  What’s good about the Kimmy example is that it breaks out how the PollyGPT abilities work, and you can design your own.  Maybe your character doesn’t talk much and just sends you cool prompt ideas, or doesn’t send pictures often and talks quite a lot.  You need to define that in the examples.

I recommend using a color-coded text editor for CSS/HTML that helps highlight where codes begin and end.  If you miss an escaped tag it could make your images look really weird or the bot might miss entire blocks of instructions. Notepad++ is free and good.

Step 2:

Next, pop-up something like Stable2go and create your dream character.  As shown at the bottom of the Kimmy example, using the name, ethnicity, age, and a LoRa of the person with high weights and high guidance is an easy way to get consistency and coherence.

Option 1: Design your own character (requires some time) by rendering at least six solid examples

You can choose any of the 6,000+ models in Stable2 to render your original character, and then upload and create your own Lora with something like  We built the <kimmybot-xl> lora with the SDXL option in the LoraMaker unlimited plus plan.

Option 2: Use one of the preset characters and prompt them to your tastes.

Look in the Graydient concepts system for the LoRa that best matches your ideal character.  Our first rough beta version of Kimmy one used one called Japanese Woman and we gave it a “weight” of 0.9.

A weight between 0.7-1.0 is typically good for maintaining consistency.  Also pay attention to how many steps, guidance, and so on.  If you’re not a prompting wizard, join our Telegram group and there’s millions of templates of babes in there, and also other groups in PirateDiffusion for queer folk, furry, anime, or whatever you’re into. No judgement.

Step 3: 

Put the variable $prompt into the field, to accept the user’s inputs.  You’ll want to place it after the design of the character, so a request can’t bump the important parts of the prompt that control the look.  So if I ask Kimmy to “take a shower out in nature with birds” that part gets injected into the $prompt variable.  That’s all the coding you have to put up with.


Now you have all the parts!

Paste that into NSFWdalle’s character creator and you’ve got a talking character that sends nudes.

Don’t try to do all of this in the text box, because you’ll want a desktop backup in case our site reloads or you make a mistake.  Don’t lose all your work, make good backups! 

Where it says “choose a model” pick the 70B one.  If you got the PLUS plan, it’s right at the top.

You can retrain it as many times as you want, talk to it as much as you want, and there are no per-image fees.  Just pay the Graydient API cost and that’s it.  They have cheap personal plans.

Use coupon code Newbie50 and I get a little cut!  Thank you so much, have fun!