Beginner’s Basics

How to create NSFW images

Our site has multiple tools, but the most popular are — Quickie and ProCreate.

You can also upload your own images and remove clothes, change faces, that sort of thing. One step at a time.


How to use Quickie Mode

This tool is located on the top menu.  Open it.

There’s push buttons and nothing to type, just pick a few options and it will create a character in a hurry. Our software supports Guys, Girls, and everything inbetween, whatever you’re into. If you choose too many options, the image might glitch, so keep it simple, 2-3 things max like the instructions say.

Here we chose the art style Photon, The body type Curvy/Big Boobs, and a 20 year old Italian woman. Easy!


How to ProCreate (harr harr!)

Pro Creation Mode gives you a lot more tools and lets you type what you want to see. When you type instructions for the AI to follow, that is called “prompting”. For example:

portrait of a beautiful 22 year old Brazilian woman named Adriana Santos, epic boobs #boost <photon>

The “Boost” hashtag creates this almost-realistic digital painting.

Try it again in a different style:

portrait of a beautiful 22 year old Brazilian woman named Adriana Santos, epic boobs #sdxlreal


Important: A prompt isn’t “chatting”

A prompt is the entire story of the image.  Look at these two examples:

CORRECT: “A hot latin woman sucking a thick black dick”

INCORRECT: “Suck his dick”

The second one is like a conversation or instruction, by itself it is a incomplete idea. Since it doesn’t say who we are talking about, the AI doesn’t know if you’re in the mood or something new or not.

It resets every time, so always edit your last idea when changing the story.  Makes sense?


Make This, Not That

Make “big tits” is a called a Positive Prompt.  Under it we can put “small tits” as the negative, and that push-pull instruction helps the AI understand what you really need. It may seem a bit robot, like you’re talking to a robot, because… you actually are!  So the more specific, the better.  Example:

CORRECT: “She’s sitting on the floor”

INCORRECT: “She is not on the sofa”

The bottom one is wrong because it’s like a chat.  If you put that in the “make this” box, it will make a sofa.  It doesn’t understand NO and NOTs — move those things to the “Not that” negative box.  You can also express it in short hand with ((round brackets)) for positive and [[square brackets]] for negative.

a 22 year old woman with ((epic boobs)), cummins on the floor [[sofa]]

Change it up by giving the girl a name, age, location, and so on.


Intro to Recipes

Under the prompt you’ll see some photo boxes. Those are called recipes, and they were made by the community.  One of our favorites is called Boost.  You can select boost from the list or type a hashtag like this:  #boost

Those are the basics!

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