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Managing your photos

Deleting your own images Quick Flag Method At the bottom of the page, there’s a FLAG button.  Hit that and nothing will happen, but in a few minutes the image will be gone.  We just added this feature and will … Read More

How to fix your blurry and unstable AI images in Stable Diffusion

Q: Why doesn’t my image look realistic? Use recipes to get quick realistic results. You can also go manual and do it, but don’t forget to use a strong negative. This guide will teach you how. Make sure your base … Read More

ProCreate Tool fine settings – Guidance, Samplers, CFG, and what they mean

For advanced users that want more control, there’s more power under the hood. You can add additional commands to your prompt to activate various settings. WHAT IS THE WORD LIMIT? Stable Diffusion stops paying attention after 75 tokens, and the … Read More

How to make semi-realistic 3d CGI characters with AI: Stable Diffusion tutorial

There’s two ways to do this. The easiest way to choose a concept that only outputs 3D images.  Look in the 3D tag of ProCreate and also the Semi-Real tag.  Add that trigger to your prompt and you’re done. Don’t … Read More

How to make Hentai Anime with AI tutorial for Stable Diffusion

What is Hentai, anyway? First, a quick lesson: The word “hen” in Japanese means unusual, and “tai” means want or desire, whereas “anime” literally just means cartoons. Hentai is literally referring to the kinkier stuff, whereas Anime just means cartoons. … Read More

How to make your character pose in AI stable Diffusion Tutorial

There are two basic ways to use poses:  Use positive prompts to describe the scene, and using a concept that already strongly influences the pose.  Some “base models” are much better at poses than others, especially if more than 1 … Read More

How to make AI people a group photo look the way you want

To increase the quality of faces and hands far away from the camera, add After Detailer to the start of your prompt /adetailer To create a unique, different character for each person in a group photo, use the Inpaint tool … Read More

How to upscale your new or old photos with AI to high resolution

High Def and Facelift Upscaling Explained Tons of tools are available after the image is generated: HighDef doubles the pixels of the image, similar to anti-aliasing Facelift 4x’s the pixels and also applies a face restoration, similar to the beauty … Read More

How to remove clothing, shirts, dresses, bras, and bikinis with AI

Inpaint, also called Generative Fill, is when you are painting something new into the scene, like removing clothes, changing some anatomy, and things like that. Understandably, this is one of the most controversial tools in AI, but the cat is out of … Read More

Advanced concepts system model trigger tips

On the bottom left hand corner, there’s a button for Advanced.  Click on that to reveal the advanced editor, which has two modes. Free Text Mode (default) Two boxes will appear, and now you can type what do don’t want … Read More