How to upload your photos and change them into something else

Its easy to upload and edit your own photos, use your own photos as a starting point, and transform them into other people or other art styles with the REMIX tool, or remove something in the photo like the clothing with the INPAINT tool.

Important: To see the upload button, you must be logged in.  It is possible to browse this website as a guest, so to login click > profile > switch and send yourself an email.  Click that and the upload button will appear.

Recommendations:  Photos at about 1000×1000 work best, and 100% high quality JPGs work fastest.  If you try uploading an uncompressed iPhone it also works, but it’s slower to upload because the files are so large.

To upload your own images and manipulate them, we have two tools:

REMIX – Click ProCreate > Upload Image and then type a prompt to transform all of the pixels into something else. This tool is useful for turning an animation or drawing into a realistic photo, or vice versa. You can use it for things like AI avatars. It’s incredibly powerful and creative. Choose a concept to determine the art style.

This is not my video, but we use similar software, and the same principles apply:

INPAINT – Click the Undress button at the top of the page to enter the tool, and then upload your image. This tool works great for undressing a photo, there’s a separate tutorial for that.