How to make semi-realistic 3d CGI characters with AI: Stable Diffusion tutorial

There’s two ways to do this. The easiest way to choose a concept that only outputs 3D images.  Look in the 3D tag of ProCreate and also the Semi-Real tag.  Add that trigger to your prompt and you’re done. Don’t forget the good negatives.

If you want to transform a real photo, like your face, to a cartoon, this is how to do it:

Step 1: Render a realistic image

One thing that’s quite unique about our software is that you can go from Hentai to Realistic using the remix tool, or the other way around.  Just hit REMIX from the tools menu to switch between anime and realistic base models.  (Bottom right)

Step 2: Hit Tools > Remix

This will take you back to the familiar image creation screen, and then choose an anime recipe, or go manual and choose an anime base model, like this.  Now, here’s where it gets interesting.  Notice the prompt area below.

Step 3:  Type what you want to see happen next

If you’re going for the same character, just describe her again.  A blonde woman, etc.

We could transform the pixels of this image into something else, like a cat.   Remix is crazy powerful.

Hit the render button and tada!  Our realistic image is now an anime character, just like that.

This opens up a whole world of creation options.

Semi-Realistic Drawings / Paintings

We also have styles right square in the middle, often called 2.5D or semi-realistic.  These border right on the edge of reality, while still being clearly illustrated. Find your look! There is a semi-real tag in the concepts picker or the 3D tag.  Also try the ArtStyles tag for many different looks.

This digital painting took literally 8 seconds to make. Absolutely mindblowing!