How to make your character pose in AI stable Diffusion Tutorial

There are two basic ways to use poses:  Use positive prompts to describe the scene, and using a concept that already strongly influences the pose.  Some “base models” are much better at poses than others, especially if more than 1 person is in the scene.

If you’re going for realistic sex, the first choice of many is to set the base model to URPM 1.3

Next, choose a pose.

Use the Models / Concepts tool to find the pose you want.  Make sure NSFW is turned on, or you won’t see everything that we offer.

Going into the Poses or Porn section, you’re going to find an incredible amount of options.

Even the ones that look like anime can work with realistic people, or can first be rendered as anime and remixed into reality later, or vice versa.

Let’s pick a random one just as an example:

Be sure to read the description of each model because they have a ton of extra options sometimes.

That’s really all there is to it.  If the pose isn’t working, try adjusting the weight, or moving the pose instructions to the pose of the prompt.

Troubleshooting tip:  Remember, its never a good idea to add more than 3 loras to 1 base model, and sometimes these concepts are too strong and don’t well together. If you’re getting blue blotches or jaggy people, try lowering the weight of the lora, or using less.  Build your image slowly step by step for best results.