How to upscale your new or old photos with AI to high resolution

High Def and Facelift Upscaling Explained

Tons of tools are available after the image is generated:

  • HighDef doubles the pixels of the image, similar to anti-aliasing
  • Facelift 4x’s the pixels and also applies a face restoration, similar to the beauty mode on your phone
  • More will give you five more variations of the same picture, with minor changes
  • Remix lets you re-prompt into another base model, destroying the image and making a new one
  • Edit is a chat editing program, where you can ask questions like “what if her hair was green?”.  Important: Edit is experimental and only for low-resolution use, it uses its own AI model and doesn’t work within the concepts system
  • Inpaint is generative fill, you can literally paint on the photo with your finger or mouse and re-prompt into the mask