Managing your photos

Deleting your own images

Quick Flag Method

At the bottom of the page, there’s a FLAG button.  Hit that and nothing will happen, but in a few minutes the image will be gone.  We just added this feature and will make it easier to use in the next software update.


Full File Manager Method 

On the top right of the menu, you’ll find the “Your Archive” button.  This is a full file manager. You can create folders, move files, set favorites, and batch delete to keep only the pictures you want.  You can also download multiple images at once.  It’s quite easy.

Just select the images you want, and action buttons will appear at the bottom.  Use the action buttons to control your files. That’s all there is to it.

Your files are on the cloud, so you’ll never lose your prompts or images, and you can resume from any device.  Just keep your login (email) safe, and always log out or someone can control your account.

Click the Organize button to delete or move your files.