How to fix your blurry and unstable AI images in Stable Diffusion

Q: Why doesn’t my image look realistic?

  • Use recipes to get quick realistic results. You can also go manual and do it, but don’t forget to use a strong negative. This guide will teach you how.
  • Make sure your base model or recipe is set to realistic.  A recipe like Libreal will make your images look like they were taken with an iPhone, or a base model like <lazy> or <realvis6>
  • Add keywords for things like sweat, skin pores, freckles, pock marks
  • Choose your words carefully.  Don’t mention anything in your prompt that could be misinterpreted as fine art.  For example, the word “masterpiece” can refer to paintings or a type of concept art popular in anime, so the AI thinks you want illustrations
  • Click advanced in the editor, and increase the guidance.
  • You should also study how to use negative prompts.  For example, a positive prompt for “realistic photograph” is made stronger with a negative prompt for “[[anime, illustration, 3d, cgi]]” because we are saying we definitely don’t want any of those things, with strong brackets.


Q: Why are my images small?

  • We send rough drafts in 512×512 but you can get near 4k quality in two steps:
  • Use highdef to double the pixels, and then….
  • Use 4X facelift to boost the pixels.  Step by Step Tutorial


Q: Why am I getting blue blocks or static noise

  • Use the advanced menu and lower the guidance to 4, then work your way up. Long prompts and high guidance are the most common culprit.
  • Reduce the number of negative prompt brackets
  • Simplify your prompt.  Put the most important words at the front and use less negative and positive prompt
  • If you copied a prompt from the internet, check that the lora names match our system and that they negative prompts and weights are properly terminated
  • Make sure you don’t have keywords that might contradict each other
  • Try reducing the number of loras
  • Make sure the lora is compatible with the base model, not all of them are
  • Reduce all your lora weights to 0.1 and work your way up

Q: Can you help me with my prompt?