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How to upload your photos and change them into something else

Its easy to upload and edit your own photos, use your own photos as a starting point, and transform them into other people or other art styles with the REMIX tool, or remove something in the photo like the clothing … Read More

Same girl, different scene: How to create an AI influencer​

This is an advanced tutorial. We recommend the beginner guides first Note: I wrote this a year ago, and the image quality below does not match the current quality, but the same idea still applies. This is 2024 level of … Read More

Realism & Negatives

Squeezing realism out of a picture We’ve made it super easy to get realistic images – simply choose a realistic recipe first (b) and describe the girlfriend of your dreams (a) and click Brew (c).  This is the easiest way … Read More

NSFW example prompts for stable diffusion pro create mode

Examples from our community   #boost award winning portrait photograph ((full body)) salvadorean 18 years old woman, long black hair, wearing sexy lace lingerie, natural breasts, stockings, highly detailed skin, soft smile:0.8, detailed hands with five fingers, sharp focus, photorealistic, … Read More

Beginner’s Basics

How to create NSFW images Our site has multiple tools, but the most popular are — Quickie and ProCreate. You can also upload your own images and remove clothes, change faces, that sort of thing. One step at a time. … Read More