Managing your photos

Deleting your own images Quick Flag Method At the bottom of the page, there’s a FLAG button.  Hit that and nothing will happen, but in a few minutes the image will be gone.  We just added this feature and will … Read More

How to upscale your new or old photos with AI to high resolution

High Def and Facelift Upscaling Explained Tons of tools are available after the image is generated: HighDef doubles the pixels of the image, similar to anti-aliasing Facelift 4x’s the pixels and also applies a face restoration, similar to the beauty … Read More

Advanced concepts system model trigger tips

On the bottom left hand corner, there’s a button for Advanced.  Click on that to reveal the advanced editor, which has two modes. Free Text Mode (default) Two boxes will appear, and now you can type what do don’t want … Read More

Realism & Negatives

Squeezing realism out of a picture We’ve made it super easy to get realistic images – simply choose a realistic recipe first (b) and describe the girlfriend of your dreams (a) and click Brew (c).  This is the easiest way … Read More

Beginner’s Basics

How to create NSFW images Our site has multiple tools, but the most popular are — Quickie and ProCreate. You can also upload your own images and remove clothes, change faces, that sort of thing. One step at a time. … Read More